Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: marana

  marana—death    Bg 7.29, SB 3.30.14, SB 5.14.27, SB 7.9.41, Antya 1.11
  marana—death.    Madhya 3.144, Antya 13.85
  marana—dying    Antya 11.57
  marana—killing    Adi 4.14
  bhismera marana—the death of Bhismadeva.    Antya 11.96
  ha-ila marana—there was death    Madhya 15.124
  jvara-marana-dasayam—in the case of having a high fever at the time of death    SB 5.3.12
  karaha marana—please cause death.    Madhya 15.146
  ksetrera marana—his death in a holy place.    Antya 2.158
  marana-pramada—danger of death    Antya 9.134
  marana-vicara—decision to commit suicide.    Antya 4.72
  apana marana—death of himself.    Antya 4.62

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