Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mani

  mani—I accept.    Adi 4.62, Adi 17.170, Madhya 3.185, Madhya 6.54, Madhya 6.59, Madhya 8.155, Madhya 13.137, Madhya 16.167, Madhya 20.64, Antya 7.133
  mani—accepting    Adi 5.177, Adi 10.140, Madhya 2.71, Madhya 6.175, Madhya 22.140, Antya 16.148, Antya 19.33
  mani—I consider    Adi 16.102, Madhya 21.127, Madhya 24.95, Antya 5.35-36, Antya 7.128
  mani—pearls    SB 2.9.11, SB 4.24.47-48, SB 10.12.4
  mani—accepting.    Adi 7.55, Adi 17.168, Madhya 9.98
  mani—the touchstone    Adi 7.126, Madhya 6.171
  mani—I accept    Adi 5.127, Madhya 19.214
  mani—we accept.    Adi 7.136, Madhya 8.249
  mani—rubies    SB 3.15.44
  mani—of jewels    SB 3.21.52-54
  mani—of precious stones    SB 3.23.13
  mani—gemlike    SB 3.23.50
  mani—jewels    SB 4.6.10
  mani—with small gems    SB 8.2.8
  mani—made of jewels    SB 10.5.11
  mani—the jewels    Madhya 21.93-94
  mani—thinking yourself very important    SB 4.29.49
  mani—thinking himself to be    SB 7.7.41
  mani—we consider.    Adi 3.7
  mani—accept    Adi 7.140
  mani—notice    Madhya 15.177
  mani—we can understand.    Madhya 24.129
  mani—consider    Antya 7.124
  amrta-mani—the Kaustubha gem    SB 5.3.3
  bhaya mani—I am afraid.    Antya 10.96
  cinta-mani—the touchstone    Madhya 8.165
  sastra-vakye mani—one has to accept according to the description of revealed scriptures.    Madhya 20.352
  dhana-ratna-mani—wealth and riches    Adi 9.28
  dhrta-mani-ganam—because of being decorated with valuable jewels    SB 10.8.30
  duhkha nahi mani—I do not feel unhappiness.    Antya 3.133
  gaura-mani—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Madhya 9.252
  harin-mani—of emeralds    Antya 1.165
  harit-mani—like emeralds    SB 3.28.25
  harit-mani—of indranila gems    Antya 15.78
  kari mani—accepting such    Adi 7.15
  kari mani—we accept    Adi 8.9
  kari mani—we accept.    Madhya 6.159
  kari mani—I accept.    Madhya 9.158
  kaustubha-mani—the jewel known as Kaustubha-mani    Madhya 4.193
  mani-gana-amsukaih—by various effulgent and valuable stones    SB 9.11.31-34
  mani-ganah—pearls    Bg 7.7
  mani-grivah—His neck decorated with the Kaustubha jewel    SB 4.30.5
  mani-hema-ketubhih—with flags made with pearls and gold    SB 8.15.20
  mani-kutah—Manikuta    SB 5.20.3-4
  mani-mat—gem-studded    SB 3.15.41
  mani-mayaih—made of pearls    SB 8.15.16
  mani-mayam—bedecked with jewels    SB 1.15.14
  mani-sanda—like gems    SB 5.25.4
  mani-pithe—between the gems and the lotus feet or the throne    Madhya 21.95
  mani-pradipah—lamps made of jewels    SB 4.9.62
  mani-praveka—glowing effulgence of the valuable stones    SB 3.8.6
  mani-praveka—highly valuable jewels    SB 3.8.29
  mani-su-darpana—glowing gems    Madhya 21.127
  mahendra-mani—of jewels of the name mahendra-mani    Antya 1.168
  mahendra-mani-dama—a necklace of indranila gems    Antya 16.74
  maha-mani—greatly valuable jewels    SB 4.9.60
  maha-mani-kiritena—with a helmet bedecked with valuable jewels    SB 8.6.3-7
  marakata-mani-laksaih—with countless emeralds    Antya 1.167
  mayika kari mani—accept as made of the external energy, maya    Madhya 25.35
  nakha-mani-srenya—by the light of the jewellike nails on the toes    SB 4.8.50
  na mani—not accepting    Adi 5.177
  na mani—I do not accept    Antya 7.85
  nahi mani—I cannot accept.    Antya 7.114
  nahi mani—I do not think it is.    Antya 7.157
  nahi mani ami—I do not accept.    Antya 4.181
  nana-mani-pravara—of valuable gems    SB 5.24.9
  pandita-mani—considering yourself very learned    SB 8.20.15
  pandita-mani—a person honored by the learned scholars    Antya 5.142
  prabhu-ajna mani—accepting the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 1.127
  satya mani—I accept as true.    Madhya 10.17
  satya mani—I admit as truth    Madhya 25.28
  satya mani—we can accept as truth.    Madhya 25.56
  satya mani—taking as a fact    Antya 17.33
  sparsa-mani—touchstone    Madhya 2.34
  sparsa-mani—the touchstone    Madhya 6.279
  su-mrsta-mani-kundalah—whose earrings were well polished and made of pearls    SB 8.8.33
  tumi hao sparsa-mani—you are certainly a touchstone.    Madhya 24.277
  taha nahi mani—not accepting that    Madhya 25.34
  tai satya mani—I accept that as truth.    Madhya 20.100
  ujjvala-nila-mani—Ujjvala-nilamani    Antya 4.224
  visnu mani—accepting as Lord Visnu or the Personality of Godhead    Madhya 25.78
  rni mani—considering very indebted    Madhya 13.148
  ami mani—I accept.    Antya 6.194

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