Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manera

  manera—of the mind    Adi 4.212, Madhya 1.71, Madhya 1.213, Madhya 6.224, Antya 5.43, Antya 20.49
  manera—of jealous anger    Madhya 14.146, Madhya 14.149
  manera—of mind    Madhya 1.69
  manera—of the measurement of a mana    Madhya 3.86
  manera—of egoistic pride    Madhya 14.136
  manera—of the egoistic pride    Madhya 14.140
  manera—of the jealous anger of a woman    Madhya 14.141
  manera harise—in transcendental pleasure.    Antya 5.57
  manera santose—with complete satisfaction of the mind    Antya 3.90
  tanu-manera—of the mind and body    Madhya 2.64
  apana manera—of His own mind    Antya 14.40

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