Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mandire

  mandire—in the temple    Madhya 3.114, Madhya 6.4, Madhya 18.22
  mandire—to the temple    Madhya 5.131, Madhya 6.119
  mandire—in the house    Adi 17.227
  mandire—to the house    Madhya 3.21
  mandire—the temple    Madhya 12.106
  mandire—palaces    Madhya 15.240
  mandire—at the Jagannatha temple    Antya 1.59
  mandire—within the heart    Antya 1.144
  mandire—in the jeweled house    Antya 18.107
  jagannatha-mandire—in the temple of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 1.63, Madhya 7.55, Antya 4.53
  sacira mandire—in the household temple of mother Saci    Antya 2.34-35
  sri-mandire—in the Jagannatha temple    Madhya 25.251
  devata-mandire—to the temple of the Lord    Madhya 7.85
  devata-mandire—in the temples of some gods.    Madhya 9.304
  isvara-mandire—in the temple of the Lord    Madhya 12.126
  gundica-mandire—in the Gundica-mandira in Jagannatha Puri    Adi 12.20
  gundica-mandire—to the temple known as Gundica    Madhya 12.81
  gundica-mandire—to the Gundica temple    Antya 18.36
  jagannatha-mandire—to the temple of Jagannatha    Madhya 6.3
  krsnera mandire—in the temple of Lord Krsna    Madhya 15.128-129
  mandire gela—returned to His temple    Madhya 18.41
  ratna-mandire—in a small house of jewels    Antya 18.101
  ratna-mandire—in the house of jewels    Antya 18.103
  raghava-mandire—at the temple of Raghava Pandita    Antya 6.101
  se mandire—in that temple    Madhya 5.13
  sva-mandire—in His own temple    Madhya 18.39
  sva-mandire—to his own temple    Antya 9.80
  adi-kesava-mandire—to the temple of Adi-kesava.    Madhya 9.234
  aira mandire—at the house of Sacimata    Madhya 10.92

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