Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mandira

  mandira—the temple    Madhya 6.63, Madhya 12.105
  mandira—a temple    Madhya 4.101, Madhya 5.118
  mandira—temple    Madhya 11.220
  mandira—the Durga-mandapa temple    Antya 3.158
  mandira-nikate—near the temple    Madhya 11.165, Antya 4.8, Antya 4.8
  bhitara mandira—of the interior of the temple    Madhya 12.82
  bhoga-mandira—the place where food is placed    Madhya 12.87
  bhoga-mandira—the place where food is offered    Madhya 12.119
  chota-bada-mandira—all the small and big temples    Madhya 12.83
  gundica-mandira—the temple of Gundica    Madhya 16.48
  gundica-mandira—of the temple known as Gundica    Madhya 25.251
  gundica-mandira-marjana—of washing the temple known as Gundica    Madhya 12.73
  hareh mandira-marjana-adisu—in activities like cleansing the temple of Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.4.18-20
  mandira chadi—giving up the temple    Madhya 18.31
  mandira karaila—constructed a temple    Antya 13.131
  mandira marjana—cleansing of the temple.    Madhya 12.100
  mandira praksalana—washing of the temple    Madhya 12.97
  mandira-marjana—washing the temple    Madhya 12.76
  mandira-marjana-adisu—in cleansing the temple of Hari and similar other duties    Madhya 22.137-139
  nrsimha-mandira—the temple of Nrsimhadeva    Madhya 12.136
  visnu-mandira—of the Visnu temple    Madhya 24.343
  acarya-mandira—the house of Advaita Acarya    Madhya 3.156

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