Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manavah

  manavaḥ—the Manus    SB 4.24.67, SB 6.4.45, SB 7.8.37-39, SB 8.18.8
  manavaḥ—all the Manus    SB 1.3.27, SB 8.14.2, SB 8.14.5
  manavaḥ—Manus    Bg 10.6, SB 8.1.4
  mānavaḥ—the son of Manu    SB 9.1.36, SB 9.3.1
  manavaḥ—the Manus, the fathers of mankind    SB 2.6.30
  manavaḥ—other Manus    SB 3.11.25
  manavaḥ—the mind, understanding, intellect and ego    SB 6.4.25
  manavaḥ—the leaders of the universal affairs (especially in connection with giving knowledge to humanity about how to live lawfully under the protection of the Supreme Personality of Godhead)    SB 7.8.48
  mānavaḥ—a man    Bg 3.17
  mānavaḥ—a man.    Bg 18.46
  mānavaḥ—son of Manu    SB 1.12.19
  mānavaḥ—grandson of Manu    SB 4.10.14
  mānavaḥ—a human being    SB 4.26.7
  mānavaḥ—human society    SB 7.10.9
  mānavaḥ—Nābhāga    SB 9.4.7
  mānavāḥ—humankind    Bg 3.31
  mānavāḥ—as well as common men.    SB 4.19.42
  mānavāḥ—such persons    SB 10.8.18
  śrī-manavaḥ ūcuḥ—all the Manus offered their respectful obeisances by saying    SB 7.8.48
  mānavaḥ vaṁśaḥ—the dynasty of Manu    SB 9.1.7
  sa-sura-asura-mānavāḥ—the demigods, the demons and the human beings    SB 8.8.9

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