Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: manam

  manam—honor    SB 4.3.20, SB 9.16.35
  manam—respect    SB 4.4.29, SB 7.9.11
  manam—respects    Madhya 18.34, Antya 14.86
  manam—honor and respects    SB 1.11.21
  manam—measurement    SB 2.8.12
  manam—respectful services    SB 2.9.14
  manam—worship    SB 7.9.11
  manam—conception of superiority    Antya 15.81
  mandala-manam—the measurement of the globe    SB 5.21.2
  sa-bahu-manam—with great respect    SB 5.1.20
  sa-bahu-manam—with great regard    SB 5.3.3
  sa-bahu-manam—with great honor    SB 5.17.3
  sa-bahu-manam—always respectfully    SB 5.23.1
  sa-manam—along with passionate wrath    SB 1.16.35
  yuga-manam—the duration of each age    SB 2.8.17

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