Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: mage

  mage—begs    Adi 6.46, Adi 6.57, Adi 9.29, Madhya 3.164, Madhya 5.122, Antya 13.26, Antya 13.31, Antya 20.31
  mage—wants    Madhya 4.150, Madhya 14.223, Madhya 15.166
  mage—beg    Madhya 5.114
  mage—but requests    Madhya 22.38
  mage—demands    Antya 9.91
  mage—prays for    Antya 20.35
  na mage—does not want    Madhya 14.222
  prema mage—she wants love of Godhead    Antya 3.266
  raja mage—the King asks    Antya 9.52
  visa mage—he begs for poison    Madhya 22.38

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