Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: magadha

  magadha—professional genealogists    SB 1.11.20
  magadha—the King of Magadha (Jarasandha)    SB 3.3.10
  magadha—Magadha    SB 8.13.34
  magadha—experts in reciting the histories of special royal families    SB 10.5.5
  he magadha—O magadha    SB 4.15.22
  magadha-rajanah—the kings in the Magadha dynasty    SB 9.22.44-45
  magadha-samsrayah—under the protection of Jarasandha, the King of Magadha.    SB 10.2.1-2
  suta-magadha-vandibhyah—unto the sutas (the professional reciters of the old histories), the magadhas (the professional reciters of the histories of royal dynasties) and the vandis (general singers of prayers)    SB 10.5.15-16

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