Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: locanah

  locanah—eyes    SB 3.19.26, SB 7.8.30
  locanah—whose eyes    SB 5.25.7, SB 7.5.34
  locanah—one who has such eyes    SB 1.16.13-15
  locanah—in the eyes    SB 2.9.18
  locanah—he who has the eyes    SB 4.2.12
  locanah—eyes    SB 2.9.11
  asru-locanah—his eyes full of tears    SB 4.20.21
  asru-locanah—with tears in his eyes.    SB 7.9.6
  asru-vilola-locanah—eyes inundated with tears    SB 8.22.14
  amala-locanah—with lotuslike eyes    SB 4.1.48
  baspa-locanah—with tears in the eyes    SB 9.10.39-40
  kamala-locanah—whose eyes are like lotus petals    SB 9.16.25
  kamala-locanah—with eyes like lotus petals    SB 9.18.8
  milita-locanah—with closed eyes    SB 9.8.9-10
  nava-kanja-locanah—and whose eyes are just like the petals of a newly blossomed lotus    SB 8.10.54
  nirgata-locanah—his eyes popped out because of pressure    SB 10.7.28
  pranaya-asru-locanah—with tears in his eyes because of love    SB 6.16.31
  puskara-locanah—the lotus-eyed    SB 1.10.30
  tamra-locanah—having eyes reddish like copper    SB 5.17.20
  utphulla-locanah—whose eyes became very bright    SB 9.14.17-18
  vama-locanah—having very attractive eyes    SB 6.14.13

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