Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: lingam

  lingam—symptom    SB 4.6.36, SB 4.26.19
  lingam—the subtle body    SB 4.29.74, SB 6.1.51
  lingam—the form    SB 5.20.33, SB 6.9.25
  lingam—characteristics    SB 2.5.25
  lingam—symbolic representation    SB 3.5.32
  lingam—the symbol    SB 4.19.23
  lingam—the subtle body or false ego    SB 4.29.72
  lingam—the cause of material bondage    SB 5.5.10-13
  lingam—the cause    SB 5.11.7
  lingam—a body    SB 7.2.22
  lingam—the gross and subtle bodies    SB 9.19.27-28
  brahma-lingam—which makes known the Supreme Brahman    SB 5.20.33
  karma-lingam—symptomized by fruitive activities    SB 9.8.24
  manusya-lingam—appearing just like a human being.    SB 7.10.48
  manusya-lingam—as if an ordinary human being.    SB 7.15.75
  martya-lingam—appearing as a human being    SB 10.9.13-14
  martya-lingam—manifested as if perishable    Madhya 19.205
  mukta-lingam—transcendental    SB 3.27.11
  nabhah-lingam—personified by sound    SB 1.6.25
  tat-lingam—whether the child was male or female    SB 10.3.53
  ubhaya-lingam—symptoms of both    SB 4.4.20
  atma-lingam—the real form of the self.    SB 2.2.28
  atma-lingam—existing as the false designation of the soul    SB 5.11.16

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