Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kunkuma

  kunkuma—with kunkuma powder    SB 4.6.26
  kunkuma—of saffron    SB 5.25.5
  kunkuma—with kunkuma powder (which is generally sprayed on the breasts of women)    SB 6.14.53
  kunkuma—a kind of scent produced in Kashmir    Adi 13.114
  kunkuma—a red powder known as kunkuma    Madhya 8.170
  kunkuma—kunkuma    Antya 19.95
  candana-kunkuma—with sandalwood pulp and kunkuma, a reddish powder    SB 8.8.18
  kuca-kunkuma—with kunkuma powder from the breasts    Antya 15.44
  kuca-kunkuma—with the kunkuma from the breasts    Antya 15.47
  kuca-kunkuma—by kunkuma on the breasts    Antya 18.25
  kuca-kunkuma-arunaih—which were red from the kunkuma covering their breasts    SB 7.2.32
  kunkuma-panka—saffron    SB 4.26.25
  nava-kunkuma-kinjalka—with saffron and newly grown kunkuma flower    SB 10.5.10
  nutna-kuca-kunkuma-kantayah—their bodies, especially their breasts, were decorated with fresh kunkuma    SB 10.11.33

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