Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krida

  krida—pastimes    SB 10.8.36, Adi 4.217, Madhya 8.189, Madhya 14.243, Antya 18.100, Antya 20.53
  krida—sporting    SB 10.11.38, Madhya 17.203
  krida—playing    Adi 5.139
  krida—enjoyment    Madhya 13.23
  krida—of activities    Antya 1.145
  krida—the pastimes    Antya 18.115
  jala-krida—sporting in the water    Madhya 1.142, Madhya 14.91, Madhya 14.103, Madhya 14.242, Antya 18.118
  jala-krida—activities in the water    Antya 10.49, Antya 10.50
  krida kare—performs pastimes    Madhya 12.69, Antya 12.64
  jala-krida—the pastimes in the water    Antya 10.47
  jala-krida—pastimes in the water    Antya 18.80
  jala-krida kare—displays His water pastimes    Antya 10.42
  jala-krida-adibhih—such as water sports    SB 5.17.13
  kare krida—performs loving affairs    Antya 20.51
  krida-upaskaranam—playthings    SB 1.13.43
  krida kare—He plays    Adi 2.99
  krida kare—plays    Adi 3.12
  krida kare—executes different pastimes    Antya 8.6
  krida kari—enjoying pastimes    Madhya 13.154
  krida karibare—to perform pastimes.    Antya 17.24
  krida-artham—for the sake of pastimes    SB 8.22.20
  krida-avasane—at the end of the period for the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.4.53-54
  krida-bhandam—a plaything    SB 4.7.43
  krida-srantah—fatigued from playing    SB 10.11.15
  krida-kalaha—mock fighting    Madhya 12.188
  krida-kandukatam—being like a toy    Madhya 18.38
  krida-mrgah—henpecked    SB 3.3.5
  krida-mrgah—a pet animal    SB 4.25.62
  krida-mrgah—a controlled animal    SB 6.2.36-37
  krida-mrgah—a playboy    SB 7.6.17-18
  krida-mrgesu—dancing dogs    SB 3.31.34
  krida-mrgesu—who are like toy animals    Madhya 22.88-90
  krida-matra—pastime only    Adi 5.29
  krida-parau ati-calau—the babies, being too restless, engaged in play    SB 10.8.25
  krida-paricchadah—toys for playing    SB 7.5.56-57
  krida-rana—mock fighting    Madhya 19.223
  krida-range—taking pleasure in different pastimes.    Madhya 8.189
  krida-rata—engaged in Your pastimes    Madhya 2.67
  krida-sangena—because of so much attachment to playing with other boys    SB 10.11.13
  kama-krida—pastimes of sexual enjoyment    Madhya 8.187
  kama-krida—lusty affairs    Madhya 8.215
  rasa-krida—pastimes of the rasa dance    Madhya 9.134

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