Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: krcchrat

  krcchrat—with great difficulty    SB 9.3.9, SB 10.12.44, SB 10.13.58
  krcchrat—trouble    SB 1.15.11
  krcchrat—with great endeavor    SB 4.7.12
  krcchrat—with difficulty because of spending money    SB 5.13.10
  krcchrat—with great difficulty (because of his precarious position)    SB 8.3.32
  krcchrat—with great repentance    SB 9.24.36
  krcchrat—with difficulty    SB 10.13.34
  artha-krcchrat—because of poverty, or scarcity of money    SB 8.22.3

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