Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: khalah

  khalaḥ—wretched    SB 1.7.37
  khalaḥ—mischievous    SB 4.14.10
  khalaḥ—the envious (almost everyone)    SB 5.18.9
  khalaḥ—the most envious rascal    SB 7.8.48
  khalaḥ—envious    SB 10.1.35
  khalaḥ—Kaṁsa, the most cruel.    SB 10.4.7
  khalaḥ—cruel    SB 10.4.16
  khalaḥ—because he was envious and polluted    SB 10.7.31
  khalaḥ—the most crooked.    SB 10.12.16
  khalāḥ—envious persons    SB 8.15.22

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing khalah.