Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: khaile

  khāile—by eating    Adi 12.50, Adi 14.31, Madhya 4.140
  khāile—if one eats    Adi 17.85, Antya 6.278
  khāile—if he would eat    Adi 17.83
  khāile—if eating    Madhya 3.70
  nā khāile—without eating    Madhya 11.201, Madhya 14.40
  nā khāile—if He did not eat    Madhya 12.172, Antya 12.138
  prabhu nā khāile—as long as the Lord does not eat    Antya 11.85
  sukutā khāile—by eating the sukutā    Antya 10.20
  tumi khāile—if you eat    Antya 3.222
  tumi nā khāile—without Your eating    Madhya 14.41

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