Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kesi

  keśī—the Keśī demon    SB 2.7.34-35
  keśī—by Keśī    SB 10.2.1-2
  keśī snāna kari—after taking his bath at the place known as Keśī-tīrtha    Madhya 18.83
  keśī-tīrtha—the bathing place on the bank of the Yamunā known as Keśī-ghāṭa    Madhya 5.14
  keśī-tīrtha-upakaṇṭhe—on the bank of the Yamunā in the neighborhood of Keśīghāṭa    Adi 5.224
  keśī-tīrthe āilā—came to Keśī-tīrtha    Madhya 18.72
  keśi-nisūdana—O killer of the Keśī demon.    Bg 18.1

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