Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kathah

  kathāḥ—topics    SB 1.18.10, SB 2.3.14, SB 2.7.38
  kathāḥ—the topics.    SB 3.22.33, SB 3.22.35, SB 7.1.22
  kathāḥ—talks    Adi 1.60, Madhya 22.86, Madhya 23.16
  kathāḥ—narrations    SB 2.8.2, SB 3.20.5
  kathāḥ—narratives    SB 1.1.18
  kathāḥ—stories    SB 3.25.23
  kathāḥ—the stories    SB 3.25.25
  kathāḥ—words    SB 4.30.35
  kathāḥ—messages or instructions    SB 7.10.12
  bhagavat-kathāḥ—preachings pertaining to the activities of the Lord    SB 4.13.5
  bhagavat-kathāḥ—topics about the relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.31.23
  citra-priya-kathaḥ—able to speak palatable words that are pleasing to the heart    SB 7.13.19
  śravaṇīya-sat-kathaḥ—hearing about Him is worthwhile    SB 1.15.36
  īśa-kathāḥ—the science of God    SB 2.10.5
  ku-kathāḥ—bad words    SB 3.15.23
  kṛṣṇa-kathāḥ—narration of Lord Kṛṣṇa's activities    SB 1.5.26
  līlā-kathāḥ—narrations of the pastimes    SB 7.9.18
  mahat-kathaḥ—famous in history with other exalted personalities.    SB 9.7.21
  sat-kathaḥ—the excellent pastimes    SB 1.10.24
  sat-kathāḥ—discussions about transcendental subject matters    SB 4.14.36
  sva-kathāḥ—His own words    SB 1.2.17

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