Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karye

  kārye—work    Bg 18.22
  kārye—in work    Adi 13.101
  kārye—in activities    Madhya 2.70
  kārye—in the duties    Madhya 8.242
  kārye—in the service    Antya 4.98
  dui-kārye—with two kinds of activities    Antya 3.149
  nija kārye—your own business    Antya 2.125
  nija nija kārye—to their respective duties    Antya 2.126
  nija-kārye—to their respective duties    Antya 4.145
  nija-nija-kārye—to their own respective duties    Madhya 8.234
  nija-nija-kārye—in their respective duties    Madhya 8.261
  pitṛ-kārye—in the śrāddha ceremony, in which oblations are offered to the forefathers    SB 7.15.3
  sura-kārye—the activities of the demigods    SB 8.6.17
  ye-kārye—for which business    Antya 4.143

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