Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kartuh

  kartuḥ—of the performer    SB 4.6.45, SB 5.26.3, SB 9.4.70
  kartuḥ—of the individual soul    SB 3.26.16
  kartuḥ—the performer    SB 4.21.26
  kartuḥ—of the doer.    SB 5.11.12
  kartuḥ—of the worker    SB 5.26.2
  kartuḥ—for the supreme creator    SB 8.22.20
  kartuḥ—of you, who are the performer of all sinful activities    SB 9.10.22
  dama-kartuḥ—the supreme controller    SB 7.1.25
  viśva-kartuḥ—of the creator of the whole universe    SB 9.9.47

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