Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karmanam

  karmaṇām—of fruitive activities    Bg 4.12, SB 3.32.34-36, SB 4.29.76-77, SB 4.30.50-51
  karmaṇām—of the prescribed duties    Bg 3.4, SB 4.6.45
  karmaṇām—of activities    Bg 14.12, SB 3.13.45
  karmaṇām—of all activities    Bg 5.1
  karmaṇām—previous activities    Bg 7.28
  karmaṇām—activities    Bg 18.2
  karmaṇām—actuated    Bg 18.13-14
  karmaṇām—of work    SB 1.3.8
  karmaṇām—according to one's own past deeds    SB 2.10.37-40
  karmaṇām—of prescribed duties    SB 3.15.9
  karmaṇām—of material actions    SB 3.24.17
  karmaṇām—which work    SB 3.25.32
  karmaṇām—of different activities    SB 4.29.34
  karmaṇām—and of fruitive activities    SB 4.31.21
  karmaṇām—the path of duty    SB 6.5.37
  karmaṇām—of all material activities    SB 7.7.28
  karmaṇām—for persons engaged in fighting or any other activities    SB 8.11.7
  karmaṇām—of the activities    Madhya 14.187
  karmāṇam—the performer    Bg 4.19
  karmāṇam—of the performers    Bg 4.41
  citra-karmaṇām—of all of us who have had varieties of reactions to our past karma    SB 10.5.25
  guṇa-karmaṇām—of the transcendental qualities and activities of the Lord    SB 7.7.30-31
  jugupsita-karmāṇam—who was ready to commit such an offensive act    SB 10.1.36
  kṣema-karmaṇām—of those who are leaders and protectors of the general mass.    SB 2.6.6
  kuśala-karmaṇām—engaged in auspicious activities    SB 4.30.19
  puṇya-śloka-īḍya-karmaṇām—whose pious activities are praised by all great souls.    SB 6.10.5
  puṇya-karmaṇām—of the past.    Bg 18.71
  sarva-karmaṇām—all fruitive activities    SB 3.24.40
  sat-karmaṇām—of whom the performance of sacrifice    SB 4.7.47
  uparata-karmaṇām—who are no longer interested in fruitive activities    SB 5.5.28

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