Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karinah

  kāriṇaḥ—fruitive actors    SB 6.1.39
  kāriṇaḥ—the performers of sinful activities.    SB 6.1.43
  diṣṭa-kāriṇaḥ—the order carriers of death    SB 4.28.1
  nideśa-kāriṇaḥ—the carriers of the orders    SB 7.8.48
  nirdeśa-kāriṇaḥ—order carriers    SB 6.1.38
  vāsudeva-ukta-kāriṇaḥ—who are always ready to execute the orders of Lord Vāsudeva (being personal associates of Lord Viṣṇu who have obtained the liberation of sālokya)    SB 6.1.37
  ādeśa-kāriṇaḥ—the order carriers    SB 4.30.3
  ādeśa-kāriṇaḥ—following the order    SB 9.8.8

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