Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karile

  karile—You have made    Adi 16.92, Madhya 3.15, Madhya 9.161
  karile—You did    Madhya 1.192, Madhya 8.36, Antya 4.204
  karile—doing    Adi 7.132
  karile—will be done by you    Adi 8.15
  karile—by making    Madhya 6.137
  karile—have done    Madhya 11.36
  karile—by rendering    Antya 13.98
  bhojana karile—after eating    Antya 16.12
  karile varṇana—you have described.    Antya 5.154
  ki karile—how    Antya 4.140
  nā karile—You did not do.    Madhya 3.98
  nā karile—if I do not execute.    Madhya 25.10
  nā karile—without doing    Antya 4.132
  sādhana karile—even executing devotional service according to the regulative routine    Madhya 19.175
  vivāha karile—after getting married    Adi 13.27

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