Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kariha

  kariha—do    Madhya 3.87, Madhya 5.71, Madhya 5.98, Madhya 5.100, Madhya 7.69, Madhya 8.278, Madhya 8.308, Madhya 9.106, Madhya 9.190, Madhya 11.122 (and more...)
  kariha—You should do    Adi 7.75, Madhya 19.235
  kariha—make    Madhya 1.170, Madhya 6.93
  kariha—take    Madhya 15.93, Antya 1.66
  kariha—execute    Adi 12.52
  kariha—become    Adi 16.53
  kariha—perform    Adi 17.127
  kariha—have    Madhya 1.214
  kariha—should do    Madhya 3.22
  kariha—just do    Madhya 5.91
  kariha—please submit    Madhya 12.7
  kariha—you do    Madhya 13.188
  kariha—offer    Madhya 15.111
  kariha—you may do    Madhya 18.102
  kariha—should perform    Madhya 23.103
  kariha—should make    Madhya 23.103
  kariha—just perform    Madhya 24.261
  kariha—just carry out    Antya 9.142
  na kariha—do not do    Madhya 3.143, Madhya 4.161, Madhya 8.129, Madhya 9.141, Madhya 9.195, Antya 16.47
  na kariha—do not make    Antya 10.17, Antya 19.106
  asat-vyaya na kariha—do not spend for sinful activities    Antya 9.144
  bhakti kariha—show devotion    Antya 13.37
  cinta na kariha—do not be in anxiety    Antya 3.52
  kariha bhaya—be afraid.    Adi 17.177
  kariha eka-sthane—arrange for one place.    Antya 13.65
  kariha gamana—You can go.    Madhya 16.8
  kariha gamana—go.    Madhya 16.247
  kariha niscaya—you can ascertain.    Antya 6.235
  kariha nirupana—write carefully    Antya 1.218
  kariha nana dharme-karme vyaya—spend in various types of religious and fruitive activities.    Antya 9.143
  kariha pracara—preach    Antya 1.219
  kariha pracarana—make known.    Antya 1.218
  kariha pranama—offer your obeisances    Madhya 11.195
  kariha prakase—manifest.    Madhya 15.42
  kariha palana—take care.    Madhya 25.183
  kariha samadhane—arrange.    Madhya 15.96
  kariha sucana—kindly inform.    Madhya 18.146
  na kariha kopa—please do not be angry    Madhya 15.22
  na kariha maya—do not create an illusion    Antya 11.39
  na kariha rosa—do not be angry.    Antya 20.100
  seita kariha—do that    Madhya 14.112
  seva na kariha—please do not serve    Antya 13.96
  tarka na kariha—do not uselessly argue    Antya 2.171
  tarka na kariha—do not argue    Antya 3.228
  vivaha na kariha—do not marry    Antya 13.112
  vyaya na kariha—never spend    Antya 9.142

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