Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: karibare

  karibāre—to do    Madhya 6.201, Madhya 14.39, Madhya 20.83, Antya 16.42
  karibāre—for touring    Adi 15.12
  karibāre—to take    Madhya 8.14
  karibāre—just to take    Madhya 11.197
  karibāre—for performing    Madhya 13.38
  karibāre—to perform    Madhya 20.378
  karibāre—for taking    Antya 1.80
  karibāre—to make    Antya 15.74
  bhikṣā karibāre—to take His lunch.    Madhya 9.327
  bhikṣā karibāre—to accept lunch    Madhya 20.72
  bāhya artha karibāre—to explain the external meanings    Antya 3.48
  śīghra karibāre—to execute without delay.    Madhya 12.75
  karibāre nāre—can not do    Adi 10.5
  krīḍā karibāre—to perform pastimes.    Antya 17.24
  nṛtya karibāre—to dance.    Madhya 13.35
  nāśa karibāre—for destroying    Adi 3.60
  snāna karibāre—for bathing    Madhya 12.151
  tīrtha karibāre—to tour places of pilgrimage    Madhya 5.10
  tīrtha karibāre—to visit holy places.    Antya 8.96
  vaiṣṇava-smṛti karibāre—to write a dictionary of Vaiṣṇava activities.    Madhya 24.324

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