Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kariba

  kariba—I shall do    Adi 3.101, Adi 4.27-28, Adi 4.32, Adi 10.104, Adi 13.7, Adi 15.20, Adi 17.264, Madhya 2.92, Madhya 3.197, Madhya 5.100 (and more...)
  kariba—shall do    Adi 15.15, Madhya 5.97, Madhya 6.188, Madhya 7.44, Madhya 9.334, Madhya 11.38, Madhya 11.194, Madhya 13.188, Madhya 17.71
  kariba—I shall make    Adi 3.101, Adi 10.47, Adi 13.49, Madhya 2.92, Madhya 6.282, Madhya 19.12, Madhya 25.97
  kariba—I shall perform    Adi 4.27-28, Adi 14.18
  kariba—you will do.    Madhya 5.99, Madhya 17.8
  kariba—shall I do.    Adi 9.37
  kariba—I shall describe    Adi 10.28
  kariba—shall accept    Adi 17.265
  kariba—I must do    Adi 17.271
  kariba—can I do    Madhya 3.90
  kariba—I shall execute.    Madhya 3.148
  kariba—we shall do    Madhya 6.28
  kariba—I shall grant    Madhya 11.4
  kariba—I shall gather    Madhya 12.132
  kariba—will do    Antya 20.86
  kariba—you should construct    Madhya 16.111
  kariba—please accept.    Madhya 20.80
  na kariba—do not do.    Madhya 18.111, Madhya 24.247
  kariba bhojana—will take lunch.    Antya 12.127
  kariba ganana—shall make a count.    Madhya 24.13
  kariba milana—I shall combine.    Madhya 24.14
  kariba nivedana—I shall submit unto You    Madhya 21.64
  kariba parinaya—will marry    Antya 16.142
  kariba paka—I shall begin cooking    Antya 2.57
  kariba smarana—I shall remember the lotus feet of the Lord.    Madhya 11.176
  kariba varnana—I shall describe.    Madhya 6.283
  kariba prasada bhojana—you will accept prasada.    Antya 13.103
  kariba tumi mana—you want    Madhya 24.328
  ki kariba—what can I do.    Antya 9.35
  madhukari kariba—shall practice acceptance of food by madhukari means    Madhya 20.81
  na kariba—I shall never do    Madhya 3.101
  na kariba—I shall not take.    Madhya 19.251
  na kariba—should not accept    Madhya 22.118
  na kariba—we should not do.    Madhya 22.119
  na kariba—kindly do not take    Madhya 19.250
  para kariba—I shall cross    Madhya 20.20
  sa-phala kariba—make successful.    Madhya 16.64
  sei ta kariba—that I shall do    Madhya 24.256
  seita kariba—must act accordingly    Madhya 18.154
  snana kariba—I shall bathe    Madhya 16.114-115
  ta kariba—I shall do    Adi 9.20
  udbuddha kariba—You will awaken    Antya 3.78-79
  vyakhyana kariba—I shall explain    Madhya 24.105
  vyasa kariba varnane—Vyasadeva will describe them more elaborately.    Antya 20.87
  ami kariba parivesana—I shall distribute.    Madhya 3.67

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