Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kankana

  kaṅkaṇa—another kind of ornament for the hand    Adi 13.112
  śrīvatsa-aṅgada-do-ratna-kambu-kaṅkaṇa-pāṇayaḥ—bearing the emblem of the goddess of fortune on Their chests, armlets on Their arms, the Kaustubha gem on Their necks, which were marked with three lines like a conchshell, and bracelets on Their hands    SB 10.13.47-48
  kaṅkaṇa-dhvani—the sound of bangles    Antya 17.43
  kaṅkaṇa-ādibhiḥ—also by bangles    SB 2.2.11
  uddāma-kāñcī-aṅgada-kaṅkaṇa-ādibhiḥ—with a brilliant belt on His waist, armbands on His arms, bracelets on His wrists, etc.    SB 10.3.9-10

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