Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kamanam

  kamanam—the most desirable    SB 1.9.33
  kāmānām—of the lustful    SB 2.10.26
  kāmānām—with sense gratification    SB 5.2.22
  kāmānām—of persons possessing many lusty desires    SB 5.26.3
  kāmānām—of all desires for material happiness    SB 7.10.7
  kāmānām—of the desirable objects    SB 7.11.33-34
  kāmānām—to satisfy my lusty desires    SB 9.18.37
  kāmānām—of persons who are very lusty    SB 9.19.14
  śrotu-kāmānām—eager to hear    SB 3.25.14
  śrotu-kāmānām—to us, who are very eager to hear about it    SB 7.5.10
  svarga-apavarga-kāmānām—who are desirous of achieving heavenly planets or liberation    SB 5.8.23

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