Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kamaih

  kamaiḥ—by desires    Bg 7.20
  kāmaiḥ—by various presentations    SB 4.17.1
  kāmaiḥ—by presentations for sense enjoyment    SB 6.1.64
  kāmaiḥ—by desires    SB 7.7.32
  kāmaiḥ—according to the desires of the husband    SB 7.11.26-27
  kāmaiḥ—by material desires    SB 7.13.24
  kāmaiḥ—which can fulfill one’s material desires    SB 7.13.31
  kāmaiḥ—various objects of enjoyment such as sumptuous food, flower garlands, sandalwood paste, etc.    SB 7.14.18
  kāmaiḥ—for satisfying one’s desires    SB 8.19.23
  kāmaiḥ—with such lusty desires    SB 9.19.11
  kāmaiḥ—improvements of desire    SB 10.5.15-16
  hṛdi baddha-kāmaiḥ—with hearts full of all sorts of material desires    SB 3.9.12
  labdha-kāmaiḥ—by those brāhmaṇas, being fully satisfied    SB 9.4.33-35

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