Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalyana

  kalyana—O all-auspicious one    SB 10.4.4
  kalyana—all auspiciousness.    Adi 8.81
  kalyana—auspicious result.    Antya 3.202
  kalyana—auspiciousness    Antya 4.155
  kalyana-krt—one who is engaged in auspicious activities    Bg 6.40
  kalyana-krt-tama—O you who are the best person to act for our welfare.    SB 8.16.17
  parama-kalyana—the supreme benediction    SB 6.9.33
  parama-kalyana—You are the supreme auspiciousness    SB 10.10.36
  parama-kalyana-yasasah—whose glories are so auspicious    SB 5.20.20

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