Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalpe

  kalpe—in this duration of Brahma’s day    SB 8.1.4
  kalpe kalpe—in each and every millennium    SB 2.6.39, SB 2.6.39
  brahma-kalpe—the millennium in which Brahma was first generated    SB 2.8.28
  kalpe asmin—in this period (ruled by Vaivasvata Manu)    SB 8.24.58
  kona kalpe—in some lifetime of Brahma    Madhya 20.305
  koti-kalpe—in millions of kalpas    Antya 3.255
  maha-kalpe—in a life of Brahma, which is known as a maha-kalpa    SB 7.15.69
  maha-kalpe—great millennium    SB 8.24.11

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