Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kali

  kali—tomorrow    Adi 16.104, Madhya 10.28, Madhya 14.212, Madhya 18.28, Madhya 18.102, Antya 3.118, Antya 3.126, Antya 9.65, Antya 11.43
  kali—of the age of quarrel    SB 1.1.16
  kali—of the age of Kali    SB 4.23.35
  kali—Kali    Adi 3.7
  kali—buds    Antya 3.210
  kali—yesterday    Antya 3.120
  kali—the next day    Antya 6.26
  kali-kale—in the Age of Kali    Adi 3.29, Adi 3.37, Adi 3.100, Adi 3.100, Adi 7.74, Adi 17.22, Adi 17.163, Madhya 6.94, Madhya 11.98, Madhya 18.101 (and more...)
  kali-yuge—in the Age of Kali    Adi 3.40, Adi 3.50, Madhya 6.95, Madhya 6.99, Madhya 20.343
  bhadra-kali—Bhadra Kali.    SB 5.9.17
  ei kali-kale—in this Age of Kali    Madhya 9.362
  kali-hata-jana—victims of this Age of Kali.    Madhya 11.99
  kali-kalmasa-apaham—diminishing the contamination of the Kali-yuga    SB 8.4.14
  kali-kalmasa-ghnam—which diminish the troubles of this age of Kali    SB 10.1.14
  kali-kalera—of this age of Kali    Antya 7.11
  kali-yuga—of the Age of Kali    Adi 4.226
  kali-yugera dharma—the occupational duty in the Age of Kali.    Madhya 20.339
  kali haite—from tomorrow    Madhya 24.247
  kali madhyahne—tomorrow at noon    Antya 2.55
  kali-dasa nama—a man named Kalidasa    Antya 16.5
  kali-dase—unto Kalidasa    Antya 20.128
  satya-treta-dvapara-kali-yugera—of the Satya-yuga, Treta-yuga, Dvapara-yuga and Kali-yuga    Madhya 20.329
  aji-kali kari—delaying today and tomorrow    Madhya 16.10

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