Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalena

  kalena—in the course of time    Bg 4.2, SB 1.4.16, SB 3.1.20, SB 3.8.22, SB 3.16.31, SB 5.4.5, SB 5.25.3, SB 7.2.42, SB 7.7.18, SB 7.9.35 (and more...)
  kalena—by time    SB 3.8.14, SB 3.15.3, SB 3.32.12-15, SB 5.8.29, SB 6.15.3, SB 7.9.21, SB 9.9.8, Madhya 24.169
  kalena—in course of time    Bg 4.38, SB 1.5.18, SB 2.7.36, SB 3.1.24, SB 3.2.3, SB 4.18.8, SB 5.4.14
  kalena—by the influence of time    SB 1.16.24, SB 5.9.6, SB 8.1.29
  kalena—by the eternal time    SB 3.4.29, SB 3.10.12
  kalena—duration    SB 2.8.4
  kalena—by means of the eternal kala    SB 3.11.28
  kalena—time    SB 3.23.53
  kalena—for many years    SB 3.27.27
  kalena—in time    SB 4.20.15
  kalena—by the time factor    SB 5.23.2
  kalena—because of years of fighting    SB 8.2.30
  kalena—in due course of time (after millions and millions of years)    SB 8.3.5
  kalena—because of the influence of time    SB 8.3.25
  kalena—by a favorable time (or kavyena    SB 8.6.19
  kalena—eternal time    SB 8.12.40
  kalena—because of time (the end of Brahma’s day)    SB 8.24.8
  kalena—by due course of time (the land and other material things become purified)    SB 10.5.4
  kalena—of time    SB 10.8.21
  ati-mahata kalena—after a long time    SB 5.17.1
  kalena alpena—within a very short time    SB 10.8.26
  kalena bhuyasa—for a long time    SB 3.23.4-5
  kalena bhuyasa—after a long time    SB 3.24.27
  kalena bhuyasa—in the course of time    SB 3.24.37
  kalena etavata—for so much time    SB 7.5.22
  sva-kalena—in due course of time    SB 10.11.37

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