Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kalaya

  kalaya—kindly perform    Madhya 1.84
  kalayā—in the plenary portion    SB 1.4.14
  kalayā—with His plenary extensions    SB 2.7.23
  kalayā—along with His plenary expansion    SB 2.7.26
  kalayā—by a little    SB 3.15.36
  kalayā—by expansion    SB 3.15.39
  kalayā—humming    SB 3.28.15
  kalayā—by His expansion as the Supersoul    SB 3.29.34
  kalayā—with a small part    SB 4.7.21
  kalayā—by plenary expansion    SB 4.8.7
  kalayā—by a partial plenary expansion    SB 4.16.19
  kalayā—by the parts    SB 8.3.22-24
  kalāya—by an expansion known as kalā    Madhya 20.307
  bāṣpa-kalayā—with tears in the eyes    SB 4.7.11, Madhya 24.88, Madhya 24.157
  bāṣpa-kalayā—by a stream of tears    SB 3.28.34, SB 4.12.18
  aṁśa-kalayā—by an expansion of My personal form    SB 5.3.18
  amṛta-kalayā—by the drops of nectar    SB 6.9.41
  anurāga-kalayā—loving    SB 3.16.11
  bāṣpa-kalayā—tears in the eyes    SB 3.15.25
  bāṣpa-kalayā—with tears    SB 5.17.2
  jñāna-śakti-ādi-kalayā—by portions of the potencies of knowledge, devotional service, creation, personal service, ruling over the material world, carrying the different planets, and killing the rogues and miscreants    Madhya 20.373
  ṣoḍaśa-kalāya—whose parts are the sixteen original ingredients of creation (namely the five objects of the senses and the eleven senses, including the mind)    SB 5.18.18
  sva-aṁśa-kalayā—My own plenary portion    SB 3.21.32
  sva-kalayā—with plenary expansions    SB 8.5.4

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