Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: kahile

  kahile—describing    Adi 10.41, Antya 5.71
  kahile—if spoken    Madhya 2.49, Madhya 2.83
  kahile—You have spoken    Madhya 9.160, Madhya 9.161
  kahile—speaking    Adi 4.231
  kahile—You spoke    Adi 7.100
  kahile—if one speaks    Adi 16.57
  kahile—if we say    Adi 16.63
  kahile—have said    Adi 17.169
  kahile—if You say    Madhya 3.99
  kahile—informed    Madhya 9.324
  kahile niscaya—you have spoken correctly    Madhya 15.117
  na kahile—if we do not speak    Madhya 12.18
  na kahile—if I do not say    Antya 20.100
  ye kahile—what You have said    Adi 16.49

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