Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ka

  —who    SB 1.11.33, SB 1.16.35, SB 3.20.34, SB 4.25.26, SB 4.25.41, SB 4.28.52, SB 5.2.7, SB 8.9.3, SB 9.20.11, SB 10.13.37 (and more...)
  —what    Bg 1.32-35, Bg 2.28, Bg 2.54, SB 5.2.13, SB 10.12.15, Adi 6.55-56, Madhya 2.18, Antya 17.31
  —what is that    Bg 17.1
  —what woman    SB 4.26.26
  —what to speak    Adi 8.20
  anyera kā kathā—what to speak of others    Antya 3.265
  ihāra kā kathā—what to speak of these.    Madhya 14.86
  ka-bandhaḥ—possessed of only a body    SB 4.7.36
  ka-i-avarahi-am—without any cheating propensity, without any motive concerning the four principles of material existence (namely, religiosity, economic development, sense gratification and liberation)    Madhya 2.42
  kṣatiḥ iyam iha kā—what is the loss in this connection    Madhya 25.283
  kā api—any    Adi 4.45
  kā api—someone    Madhya 8.84
  kā iyam—who is this    SB 9.23.35-36
  kā kathā—what to speak    Madhya 9.148
  kā strī—who is that woman    Madhya 24.56
  kā stry aṅga te ślokera—of the verse beginning with the words kā stry aṅga te    Antya 20.132
  kā-kathā—what to speak    Madhya 8.240
  kā-sane—with whom    Antya 9.68

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