Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jusam

  jusam—of those engaged    Madhya 1.81, Madhya 13.136
  jusam—relishing    SB 7.6.25
  jusam—devoted to    Antya 7.47
  aksara-jusam—of the impersonally self-realized (Kumaras)    Madhya 17.142, Madhya 24.45, Madhya 25.158
  aksara-jusam—attached to impersonal Brahman realization    SB 3.15.43, Madhya 24.115
  caturtha-asrama-jusam—of those who are in the fourth order of life (sannyasa)    Adi 3.58
  tamah-jusam—of the persons suffering in ignorance.    SB 4.24.52

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