Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jnati

  jnati—relatives and friends    SB 6.10.10
  jnati—family members    SB 6.16.5
  jnati—kinsman    SB 6.17.22
  jnati—of family relations    Madhya 5.26
  jnati—relatives    Madhya 5.36
  jnati—relative    Antya 16.8
  jnati loka—the relatives    Madhya 5.41
  jnati-droha—fighting with kinsmen    SB 1.12.32
  jnati-ghatibhyah—who are always eager to kill the smaller fish    SB 8.24.14
  tyakta-jnati-suhrt—my relatives and friends have been rejected by me    SB 10.4.16

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