Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jnane

  jnane—in knowledge    Bg 4.33, Madhya 8.117
  jnane—by the understanding    Antya 14.85, Antya 17.57
  jnane—his wisdom    SB 3.31.24
  jnane—in gaining knowledge    Madhya 8.67
  jnane—philosophical speculation    Madhya 13.139
  jnane—by this knowledge    Madhya 20.131
  jnane—knowledge.    Madhya 22.21
  jnane—by philosophical speculation    Madhya 24.109
  aisvarya-jnane—in knowledge of the opulences    Adi 3.17
  aisvarya-jnane—in the knowledge of opulence    Madhya 8.230
  aisvarya-jnane—in opulence    Madhya 9.130
  aisvarya-jnane—because of knowledge of the opulence    Madhya 19.196
  aisvarya-jnane—by understanding of the opulences    Antya 7.26
  aisvarya-jnane—in the understanding of opulence    Antya 7.28
  aisvarya-jnane—due to knowledge of opulences    Antya 7.145
  ati-hina-jnane—in thinking very poor    Adi 4.24
  bahiranga-jnane—thinking outside My intimate relationship    Antya 4.170
  bhuta-preta-jnane—by thinking to be a ghost    Antya 18.66
  brahma-jnane—by absolute knowledge    Antya 3.194
  bahya-jnane—in external consciousness    Madhya 21.145
  suddha-prema-jnane—knowledge of pure devotional service.    Madhya 9.307
  suska-jnane jivat-mukta—so-called liberated in this life by dry, speculative knowledge    Madhya 24.130
  isvara-jnane—real knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Madhya 6.81
  isvara-tattva-jnane—in understanding the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 6.82
  ei haila jnane—this was His consciousness    Madhya 14.74
  ei jnane—by this consideration    Adi 6.40
  jnane jivat-mukta—a person liberated in this life by following the process of philosophical speculation    Madhya 24.129
  maha-siddha-jnane—calculation as the most perfect devotee.    Madhya 15.127
  mata-pita-jnane—accepting as father and mother    Madhya 15.30
  mayavadi jnane—considering as a Mayavadi sannyasi    Madhya 9.250
  putra-jnane—by accepting as a son    Madhya 9.129
  ratna-jnane—consideration as jewels    Madhya 18.106
  sakha-jnane—by accepting as a friend    Madhya 9.129
  sat-sanga-mahimara jnane—knowledge of the greatness of association with a great devotee.    Madhya 24.229
  sphurti-jnane—feeling My appearance    Madhya 15.53
  tattva-jnane—by transcendental knowledge    Adi 16.23
  tanra jnane—by knowledge of Him    Madhya 20.144
  vaisnava-jnane—understanding as a Vaisnava    Madhya 9.251
  visayi-jnane—by the impression of being a worldly man    Madhya 7.63
  viparita-jnane—by understanding one to be the other.    Madhya 18.108
  yamuna-jnane—acceptance as the river Yamuna.    Madhya 3.26
  atma-jnane—by the conception of the self    Madhya 24.201
  atmiya-jnane—by considering as a relative    Madhya 10.57

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