Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jive

  jive—by the living entity    Adi 1.58, Adi 2.19, Madhya 7.144-145
  jive—unto the living entities    Madhya 1.22, Madhya 6.162
  jive—unto the designations    SB 4.23.18
  jive—in the living being    Adi 2.48
  jive—the living beings    Adi 6.43
  jive—lives    Madhya 2.24
  jive—living entity    Madhya 6.163
  jive—in an ordinary living being    Madhya 8.43
  jive—unto the living entity, the conditioned soul    Madhya 20.129
  jive—in the animals    Madhya 24.241
  jive—such a low-grade living entity    Madhya 25.78
  jive—an ordinary living being    Madhya 25.79
  jive—living beings    Antya 2.4
  jive—will live    Antya 18.55
  jive—to all living entities    Antya 20.25
  anya-jive—other living entities    Antya 3.81
  hena-jive—such living entities    Madhya 6.162
  jive duhkha ditecha—you are giving troubles to the living beings    Madhya 24.249
  sei jive—in that living being    Antya 2.14
  suksma-jive—the undeveloped living entities    Antya 3.78-79

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