Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jivat

  jīvat—living    SB 5.10.7, SB 5.14.12
  bhaktye jīvat-mukta—one liberated in this life by pursuing the process of devotional service    Madhya 24.129
  bhaktye jīvat-mukta—persons liberated in this life by discharging devotional service    Madhya 24.130
  śuṣka-jñāne jīvat-mukta—so-called liberated in this life by dry, speculative knowledge    Madhya 24.130
  jīvat-mukta—already liberated, even in this life    Madhya 24.121
  jīvat-mukta—liberated in this life    Madhya 24.129
  jīvat-muktāḥ—persons liberated during this life    Madhya 25.76
  jīvat-mṛtatvam—the quality of being dead while living    SB 5.10.11
  jīvat-mṛtān—who are dead, although apparently alive    SB 5.14.12
  jñāne jīvat-mukta—a person liberated in this life by following the process of philosophical speculation    Madhya 24.129

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