Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jantuh

  jantuh—the living entity    SB 3.30.4, SB 3.31.1, SB 3.31.32, SB 5.26.8, SB 6.17.18, SB 7.9.53
  jantuh—the living being    SB 1.3.37
  jantuh—fetus    SB 3.31.5
  jantuh—the child    SB 3.31.26
  jantuh—unintelligent living beings like animals    SB 8.3.6
  jantuh—living being or animal    SB 8.3.22-24
  jantuh—living entity    SB 8.6.21
  jantuh uvaca—the human soul says    SB 3.31.12

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