Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janiha

  janiha—know    Adi 4.181, Madhya 1.169, Madhya 2.46
  janiha—please know    Madhya 2.31, Madhya 8.272
  janiha—you must know    Adi 5.90
  janiha—you all know it    Madhya 5.77-78
  janiha—you should know    Madhya 7.112
  janiha—must know    Madhya 16.74
  janiha—you may know    Antya 18.12
  janiha—all of you know    Antya 20.90-91
  janiha niscaya—know certainly.    Adi 5.44
  janiha niscaya—please know it very well.    Madhya 13.156
  na janiha more—do not consider me.    Antya 5.72

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