Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janera

  janera—of the persons    Adi 7.27, Madhya 24.194
  janera—of the plenary portions    Adi 2.56
  janera—persons    Adi 13.17
  janera—man's    Adi 17.83
  janera—of every man    Madhya 25.122
  cari janera—of the four persons    Madhya 11.231, Antya 11.79
  vraja-janera—of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.146, Antya 19.36
  bhakta janera—of persons who are devotees    Madhya 18.42
  sata-janera—of one hundred people    Antya 10.111
  sata-janera—of one hundred persons    Antya 10.127
  sata-janera kama—the work of hundreds of men.    Madhya 12.114
  cari-janera—of the original of the four expansions    Madhya 20.194
  dui-janera—of these two persons    Antya 3.226
  dui-janera—of both    Antya 13.44
  ei cari-janera—of the four personalities    Madhya 20.203
  vijna-janera—of an experienced person    Madhya 22.97
  vraja-janera—of all the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.145

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