Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janena

  jānena—knows    Adi 4.160, Madhya 12.168, Madhya 14.20, Madhya 19.251, Madhya 24.353
  janena—by persons    SB 3.29.45, SB 3.31.25
  jānena—he knows    Adi 4.105, Antya 16.48
  janena—by the persons (assembled at the sacrifice)    SB 4.5.12
  janena—by living entities    SB 4.11.19
  jānena—know    Adi 4.212
  jānena—knew it    Adi 7.57
  jānena—the Lord knows    Madhya 7.13
  jānena—understands    Antya 7.117
  nā jānena—does not know    Madhya 18.217
  nā jānena—could not understand    Antya 19.59
  nāhi jānena—may not think    Antya 9.119
  puṇya-janena—by a Yakṣa    SB 4.10.3

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