Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: janaila

  janaila—informed    Madhya 12.43, Madhya 21.59, Antya 12.111
  janaila—informed.    Antya 4.25, Antya 12.39, Antya 12.45
  janaila—informed.    Antya 9.63, Antya 10.79
  janaila—disclosed.    Madhya 9.291
  janaila—made known    Madhya 14.238
  janaila—informed    Madhya 1.184
  janaila—has given instruction    Antya 7.23
  janaila—he informed    Antya 13.102
  janaila samsare—has preached within this world.    Madhya 25.266
  tomare janaila—informed You    Antya 9.74

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