Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jalam

  jalam—water    SB 1.4.15, SB 2.6.25, SB 3.12.11, SB 3.21.38-39, SB 4.4.24, SB 7.13.29, SB 8.8.10, SB 10.8.37-39
  jalam—tears    SB 2.3.24, Adi 8.25
  jalam—the water    SB 3.13.26, SB 8.7.27
  jalam—water.    SB 9.6.28
  jālam—a net    SB 7.2.50
  antaḥ-jalam—within the water    SB 3.8.19
  jalam iva—like water    SB 5.26.28
  kamaṇḍalu-jalam—water from the kamaṇḍalu    SB 8.21.4
  mantra-jalam—water sanctified by mantras    SB 9.6.27
  papuḥ jalam—they also drank water.    SB 10.11.46
  pāda-pūta-jalām hareḥ—whose water is transcendentally pure because of emanating from the toes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Viṣṇu.    SB 9.9.9
  sa-jalam—filled with water    SB 8.18.23

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