Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: jagate

  jagate—in the world    Adi 4.241, Adi 10.8, Adi 10.39, Adi 10.42, Adi 10.73, Adi 11.11, Adi 17.297, Madhya 1.201, Madhya 4.146, Madhya 4.171 (and more...)
  jagate—in the material world    Adi 5.89
  jagate—in this world    Madhya 1.191, Madhya 24.122
  jagate—throughout the whole world    Madhya 8.162, Antya 16.69
  jagate—for the world    Adi 1.25
  jagate—in the universe    Adi 3.15
  jagate—within the material world    Adi 5.89
  jagate—within this universe    Madhya 21.65
  jagate—within the three worlds    Madhya 24.55
  jagate—within this world    Antya 4.162
  jagate—throughout the entire world    Antya 7.13
  jagate—all over the world    Antya 7.50-52
  tri-jagate—in the three worlds    Adi 4.138, Adi 9.28, Antya 15.19
  tri-jagate—within the three worlds    Madhya 8.104, Madhya 14.136, Antya 12.28
  sakala jagate—all over the universe    Antya 3.72
  sarva-jagate—all over the world    Adi 8.54
  tri-jagate—within these three worlds.    Madhya 12.186
  tri-jagate—in these three worlds    Madhya 25.268

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