Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: iyam

  iyam—this    Bg 7.5, SB 1.4.3, SB 1.6.24, SB 1.17.26, SB 3.10.18, SB 3.22.9, SB 4.23.25, SB 4.25.34, SB 4.29.76-77, SB 4.30.16 (and more...)
  iyam—this female    SB 4.15.3, SB 4.15.6
  iyam—this one    Adi 4.70, Madhya 8.161
  iyam—this material world    Adi 7.118, Madhya 20.116
  iyam—all these    Bg 7.4
  iyam—this land of our kingdom    SB 1.8.39
  iyam—this earth    SB 3.18.3
  iyam—this female child    SB 4.15.5
  iyam—this (Laksmi)    SB 6.19.12
  iyam—this world    SB 8.20.8
  iyam—this.    SB 9.5.21
  iyam—this girl    SB 9.23.37
  iyam—Devaki    SB 10.2.20
  iyam—this one (Radhika)    Madhya 23.87-91
  ksatih iyam iha ka—what is the loss in this connection    Madhya 25.283
  ka iyam—who is this    SB 9.23.35-36
  snusa iyam tava—this child will be your daughter-in-law, the wife of your future son    SB 10.4.4
  sa iyam—such a statement    SB 3.7.9

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