Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: indriya

  indriya—senses    Bg 4.27, Bg 5.27-28, Bg 6.11-12, Bg 13.15, Bg 18.33, Bg 18.38, SB 1.2.10, SB 1.2.33, SB 1.9.31, SB 2.2.30 (and more...)
  indriya—the senses    SB 2.10.3, SB 3.15.7, SB 3.26.25, SB 3.26.34, SB 3.28.41, SB 3.31.13, SB 3.32.9, SB 3.33.2, SB 4.2.26, SB 4.24.34 (and more...)
  indriya—of the senses    SB 3.25.7, SB 4.29.23-25, SB 4.29.57, SB 4.29.63, SB 7.3.28, SB 7.15.19, SB 7.15.41, SB 8.9.5, SB 10.10.30-31, Madhya 20.276 (and more...)
  indriya—material senses    SB 3.9.33, SB 3.9.36, SB 7.1.35
  indriya—by the senses    SB 4.29.8, SB 4.29.68
  indriya—the ten senses    SB 6.12.11, SB 7.2.46
  indriya—bodily    SB 1.6.14
  indriya—the sense organs    SB 1.18.26
  indriya—the senses for working and recording knowledge    SB 3.26.71
  indriya—the material senses    SB 3.27.14
  indriya—the knowledge-acquiring senses    SB 4.29.18-20
  indriya—and to the senses    SB 5.24.10
  indriya—and of the senses themselves    SB 7.8.8
  indriya—with the senses    SB 8.20.22
  indriya—senses    SB 3.14.30
  indriya-arthesu—in sense gratification    Bg 5.8-9, Bg 6.4, SB 3.23.54
  indriya-gramah—the group of senses    SB 9.19.17, Antya 2.119
  sarva-indriya—all the senses    SB 4.24.44, SB 4.31.19
  sarva-indriya—all senses    Adi 9.32, Adi 16.110
  artha-indriya-aramah—too attached to material enjoyment    SB 6.18.39
  bhuta-indriya—composed of elements and senses    SB 7.9.35
  bhuta-indriya-manah-mayaih—consisting of body, senses and mind    SB 3.27.13
  bhuta-indriya-asayam—resting place of the senses and the objects of the senses    SB 4.8.77
  bhuta-indriya-atmakam—the original cause of the senses and the living beings    Madhya 25.36
  deha-indriya—all the limbs and senses of My body    Madhya 2.40
  deha-indriya-asvasaya—the bodily senses    SB 5.10.22
  deha-indriya-mana—the body, senses and mind    Madhya 24.63
  deha-prana-indriya—to the body, life air and senses    SB 10.6.27-29
  indriya-arthesu—in the matter of the senses    Bg 13.8-12
  indriya carana—satisfying the senses    Antya 2.120
  indriya-artha—for sense gratification    SB 3.9.9
  indriya-artha—sense gratification    SB 3.23.53
  indriya-artha—sense gratification as the ultimate goal of life    SB 4.22.13
  indriya-artha—for the satisfaction of the senses    SB 4.22.33
  indriya-artha—sense objects    SB 4.29.18-20
  indriya-artha—in sense gratification    SB 7.9.43
  indriya-artha—the objects of the senses    Madhya 23.24
  indriya-artham—for sense gratification    SB 4.22.28
  indriya-arthebhyah—from the sense objects    Bg 2.58
  indriya-arthebhyah—for the sake of sense objects    Bg 2.68
  indriya-arthesu—for sense gratification    SB 4.22.52
  indriya-arthesu—sense gratification    Madhya 24.160
  indriya-arthan—sense objects    Bg 3.6
  indriya-arthah—sense objects    SB 4.28.57
  indriya-arthaya—unto the Personality of Godhead, the objective of all senses    SB 2.9.39
  indriya-damana—controlling the senses    Antya 3.141
  indriya-isah—a living entity    SB 4.22.3
  indriya-gana—senses    Madhya 2.30
  indriya-ganah—the senses    SB 4.29.6
  indriya-gocarah—objects of the senses    Bg 13.6-7
  indriya-gramam—the full set of senses    Bg 6.24
  indriya-gramam—all the senses    Bg 12.3-4
  indriya-gramam—the senses    SB 10.3.33
  indriya-gramah—his senses    SB 6.2.40
  indriya-gramah—the senses    SB 10.4.38
  indriya-kalya-deham—an able body    SB 6.19.26-28
  indriya-kulam—all the senses    Adi 4.259
  indriya-kamah tu—but one who desires strong sense organs    SB 2.3.2-7
  indriya-lolata—addicted to sense enjoyment    SB 7.15.38-39
  indriya-mana—the senses and mind    Antya 16.124
  indriya-ojah—strength of the senses    SB 9.15.17-19
  indriya-pritaye—for sense gratification    SB 5.5.4
  indriya-priti-nimittam—for the satisfaction of the senses    SB 5.9.9-10
  indriya-priyah—a person attached to sense gratification.    SB 5.18.10
  indriya-ratau—in the matter of sense gratification    SB 4.8.61
  indriya-radhasa—by power of the senses.    SB 4.31.11
  indriya-samyamah—controlling the activities of the senses    Madhya 19.213
  indriya-sangrahah—five senses and the mind.    SB 4.28.57
  indriya-smrtih—realization of the actions of the senses and memory    SB 8.11.48
  indriya-tarpana—to gratify the senses    Antya 8.64
  indriya-utsavaih—invoking sense enjoyment    SB 5.24.10
  indriya-utsavat—due to material sense gratification.    SB 5.19.22
  indriya-vikledah—drooling    SB 3.20.41
  indriya-vrttayah—those with sense perception.    SB 3.29.28
  indriya-vrttibhih—by the activities of the senses    SB 3.32.24
  indriya-van—possessing all the sense organs    SB 7.2.45
  indriya-varana—controlling the senses.    Antya 8.44
  indriya-aramam—very fond of sense gratification    SB 6.18.24
  indriya-aramam—interested only in sense gratification or sensuality    SB 9.19.8
  indriya-aramah—satisfied in sense gratification    Bg 3.16
  indriya-atmane—the director of the senses    SB 4.24.36
  jita-indriya—having controlled the senses    SB 4.20.13
  krsna-indriya-priti—for the pleasure of Lord Krsna's senses    Adi 4.165
  kama-karma-indriya-asayah—being under the influence of lusty desires and fruitive activities    SB 9.8.26
  mana-indriya—the chief sense, namely the mind    Madhya 21.31
  sat-indriya-namanah—who are named the six senses (the mind and the five knowledge-acquiring senses)    SB 5.14.2
  sat-indriya-vargena—by these six senses (the mind and five knowledge-acquiring senses, namely the eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin)    SB 5.14.1
  nija-indriya—of one's own senses    Madhya 8.217
  nija-indriya-gana—own senses    Madhya 13.164
  nija-indriya-sukha—for personal sense gratification    Madhya 8.218
  panca-indriya—five senses    Antya 14.49
  panca-indriya—of the five senses    Antya 15.8
  panca-indriya-gana—five senses of perception    Antya 15.16
  panca-indriya-akarsana—the attraction of the five senses    Antya 20.127
  prana-indriya—the life air and the senses    SB 4.8.44
  prana-indriya-atmabhih—by the life force, senses and mind    SB 6.14.46
  prakrta-indriya—by the dull senses made of matter    Madhya 17.134
  sarva-indriya—of all the senses    SB 6.16.33
  sarva-indriya-guna-drastre—unto the seer of all objectives pursued by the senses    SB 8.3.14
  sarva-indriya-phala—the fulfillment of the activities of all the senses    Madhya 20.60
  ubhaya-indriya—of both groups of senses    SB 4.29.7
  viksipta-indriya-dhiyah—whose senses, mind and intelligence are always agitated because of material conditions    SB 9.9.46
  yata-citta-indriya—controlling the mind and senses    SB 6.2.35
  atma-indriya-jayena—by controlling the mind and senses    SB 3.32.34-36
  atma-indriya-priti—for the pleasure of one's own senses    Adi 4.165

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